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    On Apr 18, 2014 Jagdish P Daveh wrote:

     This insightful writing rings bell in my mind. I hear the clear sound when I am still. I call it my being zone, the here and now consciousness. It has been very helpful to me to be mindful of my ego created and ego sustained world of illusion. When I go through the cycle of self -created suffering, I give myself space to move into the being zone. I let the thoughts, feelings and emotions be processed mindfully and get connected with the presence of my being. The most precious gift I can to my self is this presence of being. This process helps me to make wise and wholesome choices and bring  peace and deep sense of contentment. It is an ongoing journey that requires me to remain awakened and not go back to sleep. I slip and compassionately acknowledge and accept my slip or nap taking. My mistakes have been a wake up call for me to return to the being zone. I feel like I am coming home.

    When I was young I used to listen to a song of awakening. It is in Hindi, an Indian language. It was a call of awakening. The poet sang: O the traveler. The night has gone away, The dawn has arrived. How long will you remain asleep? Wake up.The one who wakes up gains everything, the one who keeps on sleeping loses everything. I enjoyed singing that song everyday like a mantra. When I would take a step leading me to the dark zone, this mantra helps me to wake up. That mantra came to my heart as I was reading this very insightful writing.

    This writing also reminded me of the dilemma that Duryodhana, one of the main characters in Indian epic Mahabarat. He says: I know what is the right thing to do but I don't do it. I know what is the wrong thing to do but I do not refrain from it. This prince represents the dark zone we all go through and get stuck with it. Knowing by itself is not enough. Applying it , practicing it even in small measures is the way to ending our suffering. For me , it is an ongoing process. At times the open, vast and clear sky of being gets clouded by me and when I mindfully go though it, the clouds clear up and there I am in the clear light of my being. What a blessing! It is a wonderful life.

    I am grateful to Adishanti for reminding me to stay the course of awakening and receiving gifts and blessings from the flow of life, from my own being

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Apr 25, 2014 Akanksha wrote:

     Thank you for your sharing, Jagdishji. It spoke to my current state of 'self-created suffering' and resonated with me. It  added to what the piece of writing itself has left with me.

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