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    On Apr 10, 2014 B2 wrote:

    Was reflecting on the nuances of the word "service" and how it has evolved for me. If you were to ask me in my early teens, service meant to "serve for ones country" in the armed forces. Qualities like sacrifice, respect, camaraderie, and discipline were displayed in the media and I wanted to embody them. Now, service means to surrender to the present moment. A quote to illustrate, "the greatest gift you can give someone is your presence."

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    On Apr 10, 2014 me wrote:

     My younger son is going to be 16 in July.  I use his age to recall how long it has been since I "served" a man having MS until the day he died (the Spring before Danny was born).  God is so good.  As I did not know how I was going to tell Mr. Bob that once my baby was born, I was hoping to pass his care on to another, God gave him a new body/Heaven just in the nick of time!
    Mr. B was a VERY proud man.  He had been a professional in the area of finance.  He did not ask for his body to systematically stop functioning . . . but it did.  At 74 young years, he was baptized to new life.  Praise Jesus.  
    My goal in serving, is to do nothing I know one can do for oneself (fostering independence and the highest degree of dignity and respect to the one served.  Beyond this, I serve.  In bathing, feeding, elimination, range of motion . . . I'd weave prayer (silent) . . . thought provoking questions/conversation (to keep his mind off of the "what I can't" and more directed to the "what I can") . . .  
    Service is an honor.  
    Service is a privilege.  
    What ever we have to give . . . let it be given.
    My family just stepped in, I have to go serve.          

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