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    On Dec 5, 2018 Jodyne wrote:

     What do you make of the notion of 'interbeing'? 

    The way I see myself is that I am light/alive.  When I was a VERY young person, just born, I opened my eyes and looked around, curiosity filled my innermost being and I enjoyed the moment - being touched by gentle hands, feeling the cool air and warmth of my mother. And although I was wordless, and knew no language in the concept of knowledge, I could communicate. I could receive information and I could express or share it as well. I was completely authentic - if I was hungry I let it be known. If I was cold or uncomfortable I let it be known. 
    But as I grew I was immersed into culture and knowledge. First spoken words and then visual words had meanings [established by culture] and I learned them from my parents and those around me. In this way I was culturized. . And I learned to please others, to live for others, to make them happy. And I enjoyed to see them happy. I learned that if I did not live to make them happy I was punished. THIS whole PROCESS is what I call DOMESTICATION.  When I live like this I forget who I really am as I put on a show and act in ways to show or to prove to others I was as they desired me to be. I became an actor or an actress. 
    To become who I really am I need to pay attention to who I really am deep inside of myself and forget my training, and see beyond who others want me to be. 
    Can you share a personal story of a time you felt that the world and everything in it is a gift? 
    The first thing that comes to my mind is my early childhood experiences roughly from the ages of 4-13. During this time I had frequent exposure to Mother Earth and natural things, I believe this exposure reassured me of my true nature and being. It kept me grounded, and in touch with natural rhythms of life, I cant help but know that I am a part of all this life around me. What became increasingly uncomfortable was when I immersed myself among fellow [human] beings and it was more often hurtful and painful then enjoyable; esp because my birth family were quite dysfunctional socially. Relating with other humans I experienced as less predictable; and it was 'in this world' that I realized I had to put on a mask, and act or pretend not to be who I really was. I had to be who others expected me to be. 
    The older I became I begin to realize that after these confusing and sometimes tense and stressful interactions I felt drawn to the natural world where I realized my place in it [was predictable and REAL).  
    What helps you to live in gratitude for life?
    To remember my Creator, and my place in the universe. And to remember to be authentic, real.. my self! 

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