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    On Dec 3, 2018 david doane wrote:

     The sun doesn't shine in order to give light to life, and rain doesn't fall to water life.  The sun and rain have no intention.  The sun lights, rain waters, and life benefits.  We attribute intention.  Intention is our construct.  Sun and rain and life simply interbe.  Interbeing means that all that is, living and not living, is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent.  Everything affects and is affected by everylthing else.  Everything is part of everything.  And everything, including the sun and the rain, the world and everything in it, and ourselves, is a gift.  We didn't earn any of it.  We don't deserve it.  We don't have to pay for it.  We are part of the interbeing that is, and we are part of the evolution of interbeing.  What helps me live in gratitude, when I do, is simply being aware that the world and life are a gift. 

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    On Dec 4, 2018 Melissa O'Mara wrote:

     Very insightful response. Thanks for sharing. 

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