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    On Mar 30, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Outer time or clock time moves along no matter what we do.  Inner time usually doesn't match outer time as my inner  experience may be that time is dragging or time flies by.  I think there are occasions to pay attention to outer time, like when there's a schedule to meet and I'm involved in a goal directed activity, and I'm pressed for time and stressed and worried that I'll run out of time before I get the job done.  There are times to ignore outer time, like when I'm off the clock and engaged in goalless activity which is stressless, relaxing.  "I have time" -- I don't know if I have 1 more second or 40 more years of clock time in this body -- what's important is what I do with that time, and I have some choice about that.  Like everyone, I've been in situations where 5 minutes seemed like an hour, and in situations where an hour seemed like 5 minutes.  Being in the now is a most special time that disregards outer time, is eternal or outside of time, and is timeless. 

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