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    On Mar 28, 2014 Jyoti wrote:

    Our language reflects our thinking and concepts. When there is no word in a language, the very concept does not exist. In Hindi, there is no word for boredom or being bored. If you want to talk about being bored in Hindi, you still have to use the English word for it, because being bored is a foreign concept in India. The closest Hindi idea is 'ji ub gaya hai' which literally means I have had my heart's fill of it. And what is wrong with knowing that you have had enough of something? It is time to move on to what your heart wishes for next. Get on with it. It is a terrible thing to waste life's precious moments on something your heart has already had enough of. And it is a good thing to know what your heart wishes for and how much of it, more of some things than others. That is the nature of life and wishes. Wishing everyone all their heart's desires and a full heart of it, so you can get to being bored/ fulfilled.  

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    On Mar 29, 2014 Always Love wrote:

     There is nothing wrong with knowing you have had enough of something!  However, some things I would say you'd absolutely need to reconsider before throwing in your towel would be decisions related to living (not living); marriage (divorce); thriving (failing to TRY to provide for yourself/your children); not trying to sin (choosing to sin); ect. (You get my drift).
    J, I am with you in that (generally speaking) being/feeling fulfilled, while still here on earth, is something we all seek.
    With God's blessing, follow your heart.  (My husband recently did this, in his work, and he has yet to look back.). 

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