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    On Mar 28, 2014 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Time and space are mental construct we have created from functional point of view.The sun and the moon and the natural phenomena follow their own natural rhythms. Civilization is not natural. Cultural is not natural. People in different civilizations and cultures have a different perspective on time. In this digital period everything is moving fast including our mind. So the speed of the time and the value of the time, fast or slow, useful or useless, good or bad, is perceived, assessed, evaluated and is felt by by our mind conditioned by our culture. 

    When I am in a village in India, the understanding, perception and value of the time is do different  when I am in a big city. The people who do not carry watch or cell phone have a different way of looking and feeling time.  I will never forget an experience I had in a small village in my home state. My sister used to live in the same small house  that was the farmer's house. It was living in an extended family. I watched the farmer family=husband and wife , getting up early in the morning before the sun rise. They would do the morning activities without feeling stress that included lighting up the the candle like lamp, bowing to the lamp and praying together.The husband would take his home made fresh simple lunch with him. Every morning , the wife asked the same question with a genuine natural feeling as her husband would leave: what time will you come back? Her husband;s answer was the same expressing the genuine joyful and thankful feeling: I will come home when the dust arising from the hoofs of our cows settle down. Like all villages, they worked hard with a great sense of pride in doing their work. No rush, no quick kiss on the lips, no hurriedness in their daily life cycle. This was an eye opening and unforgettable experience for me.

    This is what learned. Flow with the time and do not let the time determine the flow of my energy. When I misstep, I pay the price for it-some times head aches, at times tension in my stomach. I am creating my own psycho somatic disorder, deviating my natural orderly rhythm. If I am late due to traffic jam or an auto accident, I take deep  and soft breaths practically doing nothing except observing the annoying and upsetting behaviors of my fellow car drivers praying for their well-being. Without rushing and feeling anxious I call the receptionist or leave a message on the voice mail. I make it sure that I do not act irresponsibly and insensitively.

    So what is time? It is  a man made construct and not the reality. We make the world how we perceive it. it is the mind's creation. It is up to me-to make myself imprisoned by the culturally created and conditioned mind set or letting my mind free from the culturally conditioned my mind. It is a matter of making  a conscious choice with a quiet and clear and free mind. Knowing when to run and when to walk slowly, when to eat and not to eat, when to go to bed and not to go to bed. It boils down to making a clear and conscious choice making. It  requires remaining awake in my mind. The awakened mind is a wise mind, a peaceful mind and unhurried mind.


    Jagdish P Dave

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