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    On Mar 25, 2014 Gail Johnston wrote:

     Really excellent! I am sharing this with others. I've been looking at the concept of "letting go" for many years. (I co-authored A Rumor of Angels: Quotations for Living, Dying & Letting Go) For me, in part, letting go is submitting my day to God every morning. I keep very busy, but it's because I like all the things I'm doing, whether it be writing, designing, being with people, walking...), not because I'm looking for something to distract me from myself and keep me from boredom. Oh, how I used to have a problem with that. Thanks for your well-written piece.

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    On Mar 25, 2014 Randi wrote:

     Thank you Gail !! ... " Let it go "...." Let it go "...  seems to be one of my daily "mantras".  I even put it to music, with lyrics that change with each issue that pokes it's head it's little head up it my mind. I sing them to the tune of " Let It Be "'  those whispered words of wisdom.... And needless to say, I've made up a lot of versions. Now, I am going to go out, find your book and buy it, so I can hear what other words of wisdom you have to share. Thank you again for replying. Randi

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    On Mar 25, 2014 Gail Johnston wrote:

     And thank you for replying to my reply and showing interest in my book! I will try singing your version of "Let it go" some time :)

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