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    On Nov 27, 2018 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     OH How I love this share: the idea of early morning pre-dawn preparedness to enter into the deeply sacred and spiritual. Yes! It reminds me of the need to slow down into the ebb so we can appreciate more fully the flow. I relate so much to this after having moved through a very busy year and now finally having some time to deeply reflect especially on a healing retreat I attended for female survivors of childhood sexual trauma. What was most extraordinary was the ordinary in so much of the information shared: simple meditation, breathing yoga, as well as information on how trauma affects our brain thought process and then our actions/reactions, and yet the impact was incredibly healing. I think because of that preparedness for receiving. I arrived 2 days prior to the retreat so I could steady myself to be ready to receive the learning, healing and wisdom. I also gifted myself with a full day of rest and reflection before I flew back to the intensity of Washington DC. Allowing that time before and after as well as taking a few short naps made all the difference in how my body, mind, heart and spirit absorbed all the healing shared. Even though the pace of the healing retreat was rather full and brisk the time before and after deepened the impact. The group experience was also impacted: to be the example of resting, doing self-care, being gentle with self, allowing the time to absorb impacted the other women present too. And I was even more loving and compassionate because of my own preparation. <3 I am aware how fortunate I am that I could take that extra time. This month of November was one of pulling inward and allowing more time to process. It has made all the difference. And it impacted how I relate and interact with others: I am more conscious than ever of slowing it all down: of taking more time to be fully present so we can create time. Thank you for the perfect post Thanksgiving Share! <3 HUG

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