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    On Mar 18, 2014 Deb Hill wrote:

    Everyday I practice meditation - usually Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditations on re-wiring my brain from living in survival to living as creator of my experience. I practice being in the now over and over everyday because I go into unconciousness over and over everyday. I practice radical forgiveness of myself and others by realizing there is nothing to forgive because nothing happened. I ask God to help me truly see when I am playing the victim role so I can chose something different. I practice joy by making my face smile when no other part of me is wanting to do that. I practice being the watcher of my wide-range of situations and experiences but not getting completely caught up in the illusion. All of this is "practice". I do not claim to have mastered any of it. As someone once said "I haven't arrived but I have left".

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    On Mar 18, 2014 me wrote:

     You are nothing short of remarkable!  You are MUCH stronger than you think yourself to be.  Light all around you.
    i know because I not only see it in you, I "read" it in you.

    You touch people with your Love.

    AL (always love)

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