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    On Mar 18, 2014 kunta wrote:

    One can forgive but not forget.  Every reminder of the past occurrence  re-ignites the pain.  One loses the trust.  That is the time to guide your mind to positive thinking and be peaceful.  Fearlessness and love towards the deliverers of tsunami towards your sensitivity, ego and your physical body, will build dams strong and high enough to withstand the force of destruction of your well being.

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    On Mar 18, 2014 Amy wrote:

     I was anointed with blessed oil this morning.  Like the blind man in the today's gospel remarked, "I want to see", I asked the anointing Father for healing in the way . . . "I'd like to breath" (asthma).  I prayed, too, for the healing of those anointed around me  . . .  And beyond.
    Saturated, hands and head, I went to work this afternoon.  I had a teary (hopefully not noticeable) afternoon.  Not sad, but thankful and joyfully (mostly).  Perhaps without fully knowing, my tears were for you.

    Never alone, always loved are you.

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    On Mar 18, 2014 Christina Thomas-Fraser wrote:

     Thank you, dear One, for this loving message. We are connected always, in tears of joy or sadness and in laughter. Sending love back to you. Divine, loving circle.

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