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    On Mar 18, 2014 Pauli wrote:

     I have  learned that, for me,  it is the daily aspect of living that has to be integrated into  the  larger context of life, not the other way around. And, living in the harmony of  expanded life, all the daily things find their place naturally. Struggling to squeeze the infinite harmony we already are into an extremely finite space-time reference we call our daily lives just creates  a  futile cycle driven by bran loop thinking. 

    One thing that I have found helps me to stay resonant with infinite harmony is sharing aspects of my daily life that connect through oneness. For instance, in the early morning when I am out gazing at the beauty of the moon and stars and I feel that supreme peacefulness, that  I am the harmonious universe, I  let this feeling flow through me and to all others.  When I eat or drink, especially something very satisfying I let this feeling flow too with energy of love tot all those who hunger.  Or when I am in my warm, clean, safe bed knowing I will sleep well I send this harmonious energy to everyone who may need it.  But it is just as important to receive the feelings of love as well and let them flow through, amplified with each pass.  I cannot physically go out and feed everyone in the world, or clothe them, or assist them in whatever way they need,  but I can share the feeling of not being hungry, of being satisfied and safe, of being loved,  and knowing that life is not chopped up into so many days or so much space or dependent on circumstances but is harmonious and flowing and we can choose to flow with it..

    Living is not the struggle to change oneself, it is the joy of being one(self).

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    On Mar 18, 2014 Christina Thomas-Fraser wrote:

     Thank you. Your words are nourishing and so loving.

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    On Mar 18, 2014 me wrote:

     I will always love you.  THANK YOU, again and again!  Gift upon gift YOU've given!  Amen.

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