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    On Mar 18, 2014 Abhishek Thakore wrote:

     To me, any practice that goes deep enough to change our being will necessarily percolate into other areas of our life.

    A student practicing Kung-Fu every day gets attacked suddenly - instinctively the defense response will be kung-fu based. Because the practice changes the being.

    Practice therefore is a deliberate, concentrated act that eventually becomes habitual, however gradually. Moroever, even the ACT of practice (irrespective of the practice) - the honoring of the practice has its own power.

    In my own life, I have seen practices becomes imbibed.

    The only caution is when practice comes from a space of looking good / showing to others (or self) that Hey I am practicing! This could be a time when integration doesn't happen because in our heads its actually a performance rather than a practice (I meditate an hour every day = I am cool).

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