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    On Mar 16, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Not enough, and I have integrated some of my awareness and thinking into daily living.  Awareness that we are one and belief in compassion results in my becoming in action at least a little more  compassionate, more accepting, less judgmental rather than just talk and think about those things.  My language has changed, that is, for myself I have given up talking in terms of have to, got to, should, can't, and put into practice saying what I do or don't do, will do or won't do, want or don't want, which is freeing and reempowering.  Awareness of the importance of seeing the positive, seeing what is more than seeing what isn't, results in my being more positive and grateful in action.  Learning that love without action is irrelevant provides motivation.  My integration of beliefs into daily living is slow, I suppose due to many years of habit and lack of commitment and courage.  Nothing but me is stopping my integration, and increase in commitment and courage enhances the process. 

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