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    On Nov 26, 2018 Terry Patten wrote:

    My nervous system evolved across hundreds of thousands of years of living off the land with my tribe, so I am always subtly aware of others and my relationship with them, and when my attention goes to the play of power and influence and status among us, I might notice the ways that others sometimes seem more sufficient than me, or less. And then sufficiency seems like a quantity, unevenly distributed, and I notice that my life context bestows no real security, especially in this age. Which makes it easy to forgive the anxiety that cognizes insufficiency. And there, facing everything that makes me humble, I realize that I am given the gift of this day, exactly as it is, and exactly as I am. And my heart fills, recognizing the imperfect perfection of the sometimes glorious, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes poignant, sometimes very humble opportunities my life is presenting me, opportunities to "write my name in the book of life", inscribing it with my best possible expression of my character. And it's then obvious that I am enough. I can do my best. And in doing my best, I can encounter you. And therein lies my salvation.

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