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    On Mar 11, 2014 rajnikant wrote:

     We have been discussing all relative things which are temporary and perishable. The important thing is the thought behind what we do and how we process the information internally as have been pointed out by our friends. Then comes the opinion part. If we process the information in a negative way then we process it negatively and our opinion comes out negative. On the flip side if we process it positively then our opinion comes out positive. The process part is based on our beliefs. We have to change our beliefs that we want to be positive in all circumstances, in seeing, hearing, smelling, touch and thoughts no matter what. This can be our mantra. This would lead to inner happiness. This is certainly under our own realm.

    It is said that things don't cling  to us....we cling to them. Many of our friends have experienced it from their comments and changed their beliefs to be happy. Then the relative things will automatically be placed in a positive way whether it is the other person, object, interaction or our own thoughts or reactions.

    It is said that Opinion is the Father of Mind, and the Language is the Mother of Mind. Due to circumstantial forces and prevailing situations, a person is placed in, opinions are incessantly formed consciously or unconsciously.  These opinions that form in the mind may be on any number of subjects, such as people, world, time, nation, religion, sect, society, creed, etc.  Thus the mind becomes the cause of bondage to worldly life.  It is our own opinion that binds us, and not things external to oneself or other people. Positivity is the key to happiness in imperfection situations. This way there is no compromise in the result of one's work. 

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