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    On Mar 8, 2014 david doane wrote:

     I believe it's always time to move on to the bigger picture in the sense of keeping a balance between the big picture and the small steps.  It's easy to become obsessed with the individual bricks and lose sight of the whole wall -- at least it is for me as I've done it many times.  I can identify with the monk in the story.  There is a saying that perfection is the enemy of the good.  I remind myself of that often to help me keep in mind the big picture.  I remind myself to look at what's right, see the 998 good bricks, and not focus on what's wrong.  Sometimes those reminders help, but it's a struggle.  I develop the detachment by letting myself go and not critiquing, second guessing, censoring each step as I go along, and letting my process flow rather than trying to control every step and the final outcome.  My personal mantra of process, not outcome, also helps, and the quality of the final product turns out to be better.

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