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    On Mar 7, 2014 Amy wrote:

     26 years ago, I fell in love with "a little stool".  It was built by a man, of our church, to be sold at an annual fundraiser for our school.  Built out of a knotty piece of oak, this little stool found a home with us.  
    When I ran into Carl, it's builder, he said the wood he used to build it was scrap.  His wife did not think he could use the "scrap" because it had an "unattractive" hole in the very center of the usable length.  
    When Carl shared this with me, I told him, "I was drawn to the hole".  If the wood hadn't had "the hole" I would NOT have purchased it.  I am drawn to imperfection.  
    Imperfection says, "I am real".

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    On Mar 11, 2014 Annette wrote:

     Amy, I can totally relate to what you wrote about imperfection.  Even as a kid, when given a choice of say, getting a stuffed animal toy, I'd always go for the imperfect one as I felt that it needed more love, the love that I could give it.  To this day, I see beauty in the imperfect and that goes for people's faces......crooked teeth, scars, moles, whatever as that just feels more real to me, more authentic, all that shows the story of who one is.

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    On Mar 11, 2014 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     also relating to imperfection, I rescued dogs & cats. I usually chose the one with the sign on the cage that said, "this is my last day, someone please love me" I ended up with a 13 and a half year old Weimeraner, deaf and nearly blind with tumors over her body. thought we'd give her 6 months, she lived to be nearly 17! And what a LOVE! She taught Me so much and always loved unconditionally.

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    On Mar 11, 2014 Annette wrote:

     Your comment re the rescued 'imperfect' dog pulled at my heartstrings!  Beautiful story and the pooch got the love that he deserved from you.  Many blessings to you!

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