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    On Mar 5, 2014 Hillary Tran wrote:

     To me, to be on a spiritual path is to consciously and continuously shed and let go of what is not our true identity. We have created for ourselves so many hats to wear, so many identities, most of them practical, but limited and 3D :-)

    The day we come around and remember, really remember, our true identity__each of us a spark of Divine light__we'll realize that there is nothing out there to gain, to acquire, to accumulate, or to achieve, both materially and spiritually.

    All that is left for us to do after that day of "remembering" is to consciously and continuously shed and let go of all the layers of conditioning we have believed and acquired, and have been holding on as part of our identity, for many many incarnations.

    Until all that remains is pure Light! :-)

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    On Mar 5, 2014 Mish wrote:

     Enjoyed your share.  Beautifully expressed. Namaste _/\_

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    On Mar 6, 2014 Hillary Tran wrote:

     Thank you, Mish. Namaste :-)

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    On Mar 7, 2014 a wrote:

    I look forward to that "pure light".  
    Thank you!

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    On Mar 9, 2014 hillary wrote:

    that pure light is right there, at the core of our being. we only need to consciously identify with it, to bring it out, methinks :-)

    thank you for sharing your thought, a :-)

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    On Mar 9, 2014 Mish wrote:

     Agree...Light center...choose access, life flows beautifully . _/\_

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    On Mar 9, 2014 Grateful wrote:

    Blessed be you,


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