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    On Mar 3, 2014 vincy wrote:

     Simple things in life make me laugh. Not many share a laugh when i do so but it's impossible to stop smiling or laugh aloud. I love animals and little children whose expressions seem similar ...ha ha...sounds cruel to you perhaps....lack of inhibition and innocence makes them seem so vulnerable and divine.

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    On Mar 3, 2014 Me wrote:

     Me, too!  You would love my dog Kobe!  Yellow Lab that he is, Kobe's facial expressions entertain us daily!  So thankful God created him . . . And then made his home with us!  
    I wish we had an "Art Linkletter" show, today!  Working with children with special needs (without a "verbal filter") five days a week, I have much to smile about!  (The most resent being:  When my boss, the teacher, entered  the Resource Room with a brand new hair color, one of my little third grade friends said (with a silly grin on his face), "What happened to you?  . . . You look like you're wearing a helmet!"
    Mind you, this little fellow is a real doll!  He just doesn't know that when in doubt (in offering an opinion),  it's best to "be still" (hush up).
    in conclusion, if one needs to have further reason to laugh, do the "prep" for a colonoscopy!  (Oh the things one can accomplish when spending an afternoon in the bathroom!)  Sorry, if this is too much information!  Got to go have a cup of broth!
    Blessings and Love

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