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    On Feb 28, 2014 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     Being on a spiritual path means to me being on the path I think is right for me at this time. A spiritual path can be my secular living. Secular spirituality seems to be my type of spirituality.A personal story when that wind touched the back of my neck felt greatly special was when I first decided to take an introductory course in meditation at the Zen Buddhist Temple in Ann Arbor Michigan. Before the course, I sat on the floor of my bedroom as though I knew how to meditate, and tears of joy came to my eyes. After over 20 years of meditating, I doubt that I meditate any better now than then. I notice I develop and grow when every moment, regardless of what I am doing, is mindful. Mindfulness and meditation are one as I and the universe are one. .I do not know how to develop the ability to see what is special in every experience except to say I develop more when I notice what I'm noticing as I'm noticing. When I notice "what is" and I accept it peacefully I am more peacefully patient. I more frequently grow and and become more peaceful when I know that I do not know. There are many ways to the way. As Lao Tzu said, "The way they can be said is not the way.Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Warm and kind regards to everyone

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    On Mar 4, 2014 Sumanta wrote:

    spiritual means the sacred point around which our inner potencies are moving around that. the purpose of this life is only to heal the same and get liberalised 

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    On Mar 4, 2014 Daisy wrote:

    This is not just about a Muslim boy proving that Islam is a peaceful religion. It is about the human spirit that goes beyond faith and religion and accepts the human being for the need to do good. There is a chain of events that happens in every story. A good motive at the heart of the story has a chain of events that lead to a good outcome. Simple mind set that understands that every human being can connect with you because they are all seeking the same thing. Wanting to do something worthwhile for someone else!

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    On Mar 4, 2014 a wrote:

     I love this!  All I can picture, in your comment, is the order of God's solar system.  The movement and change of the stars.  The vastness of the heavens.  
    You are right on in your spirituality . . . "getting liberalized".  God is so beyond us, He brings me to tears of awe.
    Love to my brother.  

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    On Mar 4, 2014 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

     A,   Thanks for your kind words.
     Lots of love.

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    On Mar 4, 2014 J wrote:

     Back at you!  


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    On Jul 6, 2014 Heena wrote:

     To be on a spiritual path for me; is to notice the discomfort/ disease in any given situation,event, circumstance, person that i face. Sitting in stillness on the discomfort; noticing it in my body, mind and spirit;  being aware of the seperation that causes the discomfort/ disease.  Being willing to open up to the debris that emerge in the stillness; being with it as long as it stays and at times feel the " wind at the back of my neck "  when it lifts and clears the debris. Being grateful when that happens and asking for courage and humility to lift the debris . being aware and still to repeat the cycle when the next level of debris presents itself.

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    On Jul 7, 2014 Mish wrote:

     Beautifully expressed.  Same for me. 

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