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    On Feb 23, 2014 david doane wrote:

    I smile simply seeing a picture of the Dalai Lama's face, and I often laugh when I hear him laugh.  His smile and laugh are contagious.  Even though he has experienced much tragedy, he seems to always be cheerful and have a cheerful demeanor.  Sometimes he seems mischievous, and my response to that is to smile or chuckle even more.  I guess his manner comes from the "happy state of mind" that he has cultivated.  I'm sure a happy state of mind helps me laugh authentically, and laughing authentically also helps me have a happy state of mind.  I think I seldom laugh inauthentically.  I laugh in response to what strikes me as funny, such as funny comments and jokes.  I laugh at times at my own and others' silliness.  I often laugh in response to others' laughing.  Even though I laugh fairly easily, I would like to laugh more, rather than becoming irritated.  I think authentic laughing comes from an awareness of being in this world but not of it, which gives a perspective from which I can laugh at much of what we humans do, and I'd rather laugh than cry.  I think I inculcate the ability to laugh authentically by growing in wisdom, being grateful, and seeing positively, all of which apparently generate that happy state of mind.  Being with others who laugh authentically and easily definitely also helps.  Authentic laughing is healthy. 

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