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    On Feb 12, 2014 Varsha wrote:

     Hi Sharon,
    Ive been trying hard to figure out what I want to do with my life at age 32. Im married and not working. Im always confused about what to do with my free time. I keep wavering in my head from learning a language to taking up yoga for teaching purpose. But i can never stop at one point and say, "this is it. this is what I want to do forever"

    This makes me very impatient and frustrated. I keep changing my mind too often. What do u think I should do. I need a real goal in life to get more focused and feel my worth. Pls help.


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    On Feb 13, 2014 Lazar gnanam wrote:

     "by learning you teach, by teaching you learn" it is true that we want to teach others.But first of all you need to understand  why your mind is wandering? is it looking for sth else? if it's so? what is it that pulls you? constructive or destructive find out and spend time meditation, prayer and service.

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    On Feb 13, 2014 Peter wrote:

    Varsha, you can explore your inner self, the mind and the matter. this option is always open to you. don't be afraid of being still and silent, and observing. it is likely that you will want to run away when you are still. observe this feeling of wanting to run. be with it in stillness. consider trying a 10-day vipassana course, it has helped me very much.

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    On Feb 13, 2014 Varsha wrote:

     Thanks Peter. I've been considering doin Vipassana for a long time now but always thought it was too tough. This time I will go for it. Thanks for the advice. :)

    Lazar one thing I know is peaceful places, nature and physical fitness pulls I'm gonna try picking up activities that  take me closer to these. Thanks :)

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    On Feb 14, 2014 me wrote:

     Yeah YOU!

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    On Mar 26, 2014 MERON wrote:

     Hi , to me its impossible to know what you want without connecting with your inner self  .  u have to know what your inner purpose is by allowing yourself to be truthful with your self . take time and do whatever gives u inner peace , this way I think u find what u really want to . hope it makes sense to u ...........

    Peace!!!!!!!!!!  , Meron

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    On Mar 26, 2014 jo wrote:

     Reading your thoughts, gives me inner peace.  Thank you!  Have a fabulous day!

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    On Jan 12, 2015 Jim Barnard wrote:

     Hi Varsha, 

    So nearly one year later,  how is it going for you?  Did you start by "doing" nothing and "hear" exactly what you "asked" for?

    Höllviken, Sweden 

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