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    On Feb 7, 2014 david doane wrote:

     To me, patience means staying in the present, in the process, attentive to and responsive to what is happening inside of me and in the situation.  "It means being wholeheartedly engaged in the process that is unfolding" as the author says so well, rather than pushing for what I want to happen according to my schedule and in my way.  It's a process of watching, listening, allowing, without interfering or imposing, without trying to manipulate or control.  It may involve expressing or processing out loud my thoughts and feelings without pushing to make anything happen.  In this kind of engaging in and interacting with the process that is unfolding, action taken is truly in response to what is happening, and it's fitting.  I think of lambing.  We raise sheep and have had more than a hundred lambs born here, and I've learned something about patience in lambing.  I've learned to watch and listen, allow nature to do its thing, not rush the process or interfere, be responsive to what is happening, be ready to help quickly and decisively when help is truly needed and essentially being asked for, and not do too much which is likely to cause harm.  I've learned that less is enough, that is, give just the intervention needed and no more, and then back off, get out of the way, let the process unfold, let the miracle happen.

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