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    On Jan 9, 2014 Rajnikant wrote:

     Very well said David. We are one at the center and we need to learn to interact at the center and then oneness can be felt and achieved. We are the world itself within us and therefore we do have an impact. If we learn to live for others and not hurt any living being that is what human beings are for and then we can get nearer and nearer to the center. Then we will know meet some one who is at the center and show us the center. Then we will know who am i? Knowing the center will dissolve the ego.

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    On Jan 9, 2014 Rick wrote:

     Thank you friend for pointing out that we are one at the center. I guess how do I recognize one who has reached that state?

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    On Jan 9, 2014 Krzystof wrote:

    Spontaneous expression in full harmony with all that is.

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    On Jan 10, 2014 Always wrote:

     The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the 'center' you speak of.  We tuck ourselves there.  We are one there.  EVERYONE finds purpose, order and LOVE there.  WITHIN/IN the Sacred Heart of Jesus ALL are welcome and find peace.  I love you brothers and sisters!

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    On Jan 10, 2014 a wrote:

     Amen, Rajnikant.  
    Always thru Him

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    On Jan 10, 2014 Gotta Go wrote:

    When in silence . . . in stillness . . . in aloneness . . . in emptiness . . . before your God, you sense you are NOT spiritually without that other/others.
    When in saying nothing . . . asking nothing . . . being silent . . . being still, you sense an other/others knowing/hearing you.
    Within God's gaze, heart, presence . . . you sense that not only God's knowledge, understanding and love are present . . .but, too, others.  (He designed it to be this way!)
    God loves us so much that He gave us His Holy Spirit.  That while He and His Son, Jesus live in Heaven, His Holy Spirit infiltrates earthly hearts to join both His, yours, mine, ours, others . . .  that we live in communion with each other.  He wants us to look upon each other with His love  . . .
    In Quiet
    In Stillness
    Let God/Others LOVE you.

    How can you tell who resides in Jesus' heart with you?  God/Jesus/Holy Spirit will tell you.   

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    On Jan 10, 2014 now I gotta go wrote:

     I forgot to say my words were molded/folded around the words from "Prayer of the Sojourner Companion".  No credit to me, please.  

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    On Jan 14, 2014 Rajnikant wrote:

     One who is void of anger, pride, attachments and greed is the one. He would not bat an eye when insulted. He would lead you to what he has in him without any expecting anything in return. He will not make you a disciple since he does not want to be a guru. He is at the center so he will show you the center and then you are own your to open out at the center. He will be there for you to ask question and again there is no any other expectations. His center has been lighted so he lights your center without any expectations and then it is upto you to make the light full. He is experienced and will talk from experience. He does not need scriptures to answer your questions, though he will answer any questions from any scriptures of the world since he is totally experienced and knows how the world workd. Good luck.

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