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    On Dec 22, 2013 david doane wrote:

     What I first thought of in reading this piece is something I learned about the word 'problem.'  'Pro' means forward, and 'ballein' means to throw.  A problem isn't just an inconvenience or pain, it throws us forward.  A problem is an opportunity.  The gill inside me helps me use a problem as an opportunity to grow.  Early in the article, the author says we must put all our efforts into learning the secret of the gill, which I disagreed with, and later he says it is more important to swim and honor the gill than to figure out how it works, which I very much agree with.  Analyzing this ability probably serves little purpose.  Using it transforms us and honors it.  Probably the main gill for me has been realizing that all that is is one and is sacred, including me, and as that awareness grows in me and I abide in it, I feel more part of, more compassion, more awe, and more gratitude.  It is enlightening and transforming, for me slowly and surely.

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