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    On Dec 15, 2013 david doane wrote:

     Law, at best, provides structure that gets us started and points us in the right direction.  I agree with the great Tagore that the law is only the first step toward freedom, or at least it can be.  For some people the law becomes god, the final destination, and I think a jail.  Maturation typically means incorporating the spirit of the law and growing beyond the law.  The law may be thought of as a starter map, but it's not the journey or the destination.  My paraphrasing of a quote that I like is that we follow the road to get to the temple, and we leave the road to go inside.  Freedom, beauty, creativity may begin from  "standing on the pedestal of law" and then requires a leap, ie, detaching from the law and following one's own truth that has hopefully been informed by worthwhile law.  The law was the starting point for Buddha and Jesus, and they found enlightenment and freedom (salvation) by going beyond the law.  Christian scripture even says that you don't find life in the law.  For me, my worldview is enhanced by realizing this.  I was raised with strict rules.  I don't know if I needed them, but they are where I came from, and my own journey has been a breaking free from them, going beyond them into a life and world view that feels much more open, free, and alive, and I am grateful for that.

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    On Dec 17, 2013 aj wrote:

     I am with you on this!  Well said!  
    For Christmas, I purchased a "designer's sketch activity book" for my niece, Rachael.  Her greatest passion is drawing.  The book, page by page, gives general outlines of faces and whole bodies for the artist to work within.  Rachel won't be able to erase the "the guides" given (they are in ink and are meant to remain the same).  But she is free to use pencil in her sketching to create, add, change as she so wishes, within the limits of the ink.
    I liken this to you and me!  The law is the law, we can't change it . . . We Have to create the beauty within it.  
    Additional note:  the "ink" (law) I work within, is God's alone.  Church law is not "in ink".  It varies per church, leader and believer. 
    I believe in One God, The Father . . . His Son, Jesus . . . And the Power He revealed (and shared) in His Holy Spirit.  He is my "ink".  Within Him, I will create . . . Make beauty . . . Harmony . . . And hopefully make Heaven smile in my finished "work".
    Fly, my friend, as God is your Ultimate Authority and Guide of your life's passion!  Cheering for YOU!

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