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    On Dec 12, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    I must admit when I first read the title for this reflection, I was a little taken back and had much to say on the mirrored passage of what was written, with my thoughts of the global effect of laws and the beauty, the beauty I thought more the ugly effects of the pedestal of that law. Hmm, how completely thought provoking and tingling the senses of one own self debate was I in, huh I said to myself.. Yes there is a visual picture of un-laws and the horror of injustices and miss-justices and the breakdown of laws to make freedoms available to the whole, the bureaucratic effects of laws and the ugly pedestal effect of looking at laws of dictatorship, the laws of slavery even to this day, the thoughts came and my mind raced - Huh I said.. But and a very big paused ‘but’, Once I read this article for the third time, I got it, I really got it, there is the laws within the laws that take us to a different free place of awakenings and growth, the sounds of the orchestra, the laws of the pedestal conductor that leads the beautiful law of complete sounds to every emotion known to man, the pedestal of higher self, and the beautiful law of meditating, the law that tells you to breath, then takes you to a place of better self-being of stillness and growth. The laws of the collective to trust in an unsorted structure to believe and deliver rights for man, the beautiful manifestations that come through that. Then he beautiful law of healing, my saving of life, the pedestal of allowing the body time to heal, the natural law of allowing for time to just heal through everything that comes at us. That’s my awakening to allow that time to be, to heal and to see where I was to where I AM.. Yep, I never liked pedestals before, but I can see that some pedestals, laws are indeed just great, beautiful and in balance with the natural laws of all. Thank you, this was a beautiful mind opening piece. Much love xox

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    On Dec 14, 2013 A wrote:

     I love this!

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