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    On Dec 12, 2013 Meg wrote:

     Ohh Lakshmi, I can only talk for myself.. I am not scared of acknowledging anyone, I  think everyone try their best and that is exactly why I believe everyone should know Jesus, because He and only He is The Best; but  to know Him in the whole and full sense. Knowing Him means to have a relationship with Him, a relationship of love, when you love Him you will submit to Him, no matter how crazy it is or how ridicule, or funny or whatever you sound for others. I don’t have the specific answers for your question… just what I told you, God is not limited to time, so those thousands of years are not really that much… yes it is very simplistic or “watered down” but what Jesus teaches is very simple, to believe in Him to get to the Father that’s all.
    By no means I want to ridicule or dismiss or diminish any other religion, much less Hinduism with all that it has and it is. I would love to be an expert on it, but I won’t even say anything about all those fancy words that you mention.  You probably heard and know about Fr. Bede Griffith, I think you will love him.
    Hard feelings? never…

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