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    On Dec 10, 2013 Lakshmi wrote:

    Meg. I am amused and touched by your faith that DISMISSES everything else other than Christianity, which according to the Church is the one true religion. Why are you people so scared to acknowledge others ? As I said, this would mean that before Jesus, God never manifested on Earth, right ? So what was God doing for humanity for those THOUSANDS of years, I ask again?

    HINDUISM is a very all-comprehensive way of life as well as a very ENLIGHTENED ancient religion. It is the tolerance of our culture that gave asylum to Jews persecuted everywhere else and a home to the PARSEES (Followers of ZOROASTER from Persia/modern IRAN).  Neither the violence of Islam nor the conversion-tactics of Christianity could wipe out this ancient culture. This ancient system is the oldest living religious and spiritual way of life in the world.
    India was the home  to Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism; she accepted Islam and Christianity as co-reliigons and gave asylum to Judaism and Zoroastrianism. This all-inclusiveness comes from the FIRM belief that ALL human beings are manifestations of DIVINITY. and there exist MANY PATHS to GOD. This does not mean that we give up our beliefs. Only when you are STRONG in your belief can you accommodate another's and not feel either threatened or superior.
    SIN cannot touch the DIVINE core/ATMA. But the human being, ignorant of his/her true identity as DIVINE makes many mistakes. When ENLIGHTENMENT happens, ignorance vanishes and you realise your true nature.

    If you were in India, you would have known that the concept of AVATAAR, a word often misused out of context, refers to GOD coming down to Earth assuming a HUMAN form, but with all DIVINE capabilities intact, to lead man towards enlightenment. It is a slow and torturous process of EVOLUTION. Jesus was ONE such messenger of God.
    It is time for dogmatic  Christians to wake up to the fact that you SHARE space on this earth with other and perhaps more enlightened people. The ancient texts of India mention at least 10 Avatars in pre-historic times. So, this is not a concept unique to Christianity at all.

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