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    On Oct 22, 2018 M V Aruna wrote:

     Intention is the preliminary portal to  journey through till it reaches the action point.Just as good seeds tossed in  fertile soil yield good produce, so too good intentions strewn over all conscious self over a period of time yield the fruit of  good actions. 
    No wonder, our elders keep saying that the thoughts need to be pure in order to give birth to good deeds.  Just as a seed holds the potential of growing into a huge forest, so also  a thought  packs in itself  a capsule  of powerful energy   waiting to burst forth into action.
    There is a saying in sanskrit, yad bhaavam, tat bhavathi, which means as you feel , so it happens. If a t a thought level a negative feeling is nipped, it does not dare to see the light of action.
    As the body is what it is fed, so is the mind. You are as healthy as  the diet you feed to yourself, both body and soul..
    The writer is bang on the basics of life. 

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