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    On Oct 15, 2018 david doane wrote:

     I think nonlocal correlation is a more accurate term than non physical law of cause and effect.  Intentions, if they are chosen consciously or unconsciously, are factors in non local correlation of energy and life, and there are many additional factors, conscious and unconscious, that contribute to outcome.  We don't operate by mechanical cause and effect at any level, even when we think we do.  We aren't "entirely free" to create what we want no matter what law we are aware of or believe in.  Moving forward, consciously choosing our causes or intentions means choosing them with awareness and intentionality.  My intentions have a limiting effect on my experience, so I'd better consciously choose intentions that open and not close my experience.  My primary intention is to grow and blossom, become all that I can, and that intention seems to leave me open to broad experience and not put blinders on my seeing.  What helps me be aware of the intentions I choose is remembering that my purpose is to grow and remembering that my intentions move me toward or away from fulfilling my purpose, so I better be aware of my intentions and choose intentions that move me toward fulfiing my purpose.

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