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    On Oct 13, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Our intentions play vital and central role in creating what we want in our life. We need to be aware of  our intentions when we make choices in our life consciously.. Out intentions cause experieences. Good intentions cause good experiences and  ggod consequences. Bad intentions cause bad experiences and bad consequences. Our nonphysical world is govenred by our intentions.

    My intention is to live healthily, happily and peacefully. I become mindful or aware of what choices I make in eating, in sleeping, and keeping my body in a good and healthy state. I also become mindful or aware of my thoughts, feelings, words and actions that create and sustain my mental and emotional health and wholesomwe relationships.When my thoughts and actions are not in tune with my intensions, I cause suffering to me and to others. So it is upto me to live healthily or unhealthily, peacefully or hatefully, happily or unhappily. The choice is mine.

    Living mindfully helps me to walk  consciously on the path of my life. It brings blessings to me and to others connected with me.

    Jagdish P Dave

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