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    On Oct 12, 2018 Jodyne wrote:

     How do you relate to the notion that you are in fact the entire world, in all its triumphs and tears? 

    For me, I had to be pushed into the world before I could identify that I was a viable part of it. I had to see and experience pain and pass through confusion to clarity. Without vision, without volition, without persistence, without determination, I could not have stepped into my new role of responsibility; and this was motivated by pure love. 
    Can you share a personal story of a time a transformative shout roared from your heart? 
    Yes; for months I became aware that my preteen daughter and my husband had entered into some sort of conflict. At first my reaction was to be a peacemaker, but when the unresolved conflicts grew to big and so powerful I became aware that I could not manage the situation playing the part of peacemaker any longer. I despaired, and I prayed, and every moment the situation between the two reached out to engulf me I reached out to my source of Power (to God), and then one late evening It came to me that even though our kids had two parents, neither one of them was protecting and guiding them. My parenting style had been one of taking responsibility for them, but who was teaching them to be responsible for themselves... no one. 
    It was time to teach my daughter that no one could live her life for her, and it was time for her to take hold of life or it would take hold of her. 
    Now I knew it was time to show them how to take care of their own personal issues and problems as much as they could and teach them what I already knew and entrust them to take action for themselves and I would begin to hold back and let them handle their own lives and challenges. 
    This was not anything I read or had heard about and moved to action by head knowledge, but I just 'knew' without words. 
    What helps you proceed carefully with your transformative shout?
    We should always be aware that we are spiritual beings as well as physical. That we live by the heart as well as by our head and what we know, and the two should be balanced, that we cannot live just by knowledge but also by our hearts and by a 'knowing' without words to explain it. 

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