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    On Oct 29, 2013 Jyoti wrote:

    Thoughts can be used creatively, with training and awareness. Monkey mind can be tamed, with practice. If I did not belief that, I would not be teaching critical thinking !
    On intuitive intelligence, sometimes I just know what I need to do, without thought, without rationale, without it being impulsive too -- but with clarity, almost perfect clarity. It feels absolutely right. That, to me, is intuitive intelligence. I have no choice and I am content or rather happy to have no choice, because even if I did, I would still be compelled to just do that which feels right in every which way. Interviewing to get into a prestigious college, I was waiting in the corridor outside the interview room, sizing up the other candidates, competition. One of them was pacing restlessly and somehow I knew she was going to be my friend. We both were accepted to the college, were okay friends, but now 30 years on, are still friends and perhaps best of friends. The initially weak ties have survived so much, despite living half a world apart and only connecting infrequently. She knew I was a poet before I had ever told her or anyone else about any of my poems. She just knew too. We see and hear each other as no one else does. This is intuitive intelligence.

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    On Oct 31, 2013 Boo wrote:

     Proverbs 25:11
    Words suitably spoken are like apples of gold,  coated in silver.

    Gifts . . . All of them!   Grateful

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