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    On Oct 26, 2013 Thierry wrote:

    It seems the author is speaking of the 95% of our so-called thinking which is vain, irrelevant, superficial, mechanical. The chattering mind. Yet to be aware of this chattering, of this wastage of energy, this  also consumes energy while in a more focused way. It doesn't necessary follow that  meditative watchfulness, must , of itself, generate new insights.. In my experience, insights come through sharing the thinking of others, whosoever whose thinking  has meditative value, what is called wisdom. Which is in no way personal yet must make sense in my experience. The mind is like a huge reservoir not all of us can tap into directly. But we can tap into it indirectly through the mediation of others. This is how impersonal the mind is and how important thinking, in the meditative dimension, is.
    Thought is restless, the more so as one does not attend to it. Yet this is only half of the deal. The fact is that the more one attends during daytime the more one is aware of that same restlessness at night. The more one wonders of what to make out of the confusing language of dreams. Speaking of a new dimensional  existence, I wonder if this can be accessed through sheer discipline, least of all, by some sort of wishfulness.
    Intuitive intelligence must include some capacity not only to read in between the words but also an ability to  see through that wordless yet symbolic language which is also the language of myth.

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