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    On Oct 5, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     I love and admire the uplifting and inspiring message of Ken Wilber. He elegantly and poetically conveys the trasnformative power of  communicating the authentic truth. When our vision is clear, we need to express it passionately, boldly, loudly and clearly. As he urges us, "We Must Shout From the Heart." Right now we are hearing loud voices of lies, hatred and divisiveness in our own country. Heavy clouds of darkness have been gathering in the skies of our country spreading across the world. This is the time for us to raise our clear, bold and fearless voice. We cannot sit timidly. We need to express and share our vision passionately, patiently and carefully. History is fiiled with many such movements of awakening, rising and transforming. As Kirkegaard sates when we speak our vision with passion, the truth finally can penetrate the resistance of the world.

    I had participated in the Freedom Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi against the mighty Britsh rule in India. He was a small man fighting nonviolently against the tall British ruler. His clear, brave and passionate voice slowly but steadily prevailed and the mighty British power yielded and quit India. His clear vision and fearless face awakened the hearts and minds of the people and a small voice beacame a roaring sound. Mahtma Gandhi shout from his heart and people listened and joined thier hands with him.There were tears and triumphs but the voice of the truth prevailed. And he inspired many leaders to take a strong stand against injustice.

    I would like to conclude with Ken Wilber's words: "Let a radical realization shine from our own faces, and roar from our hearts, and a thunder from our brains."
    Jagdish P Dave

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