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    On Oct 11, 2013 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     loving with hands wide open means: not holding too tightly. having no expectations. allowing the other to be who they are. no restrictions. no judgment. not molding the other into a vision we may hold, but accepting completely who they are. I do the best I can one day at a time to live this way. Especially as I travel so often throughout the world. I do not expect anyone to hold onto me with their hands when I am gone a month, two months. Or I've met someone while traveling and we connect so deeply. So I've learned to enjoy the moment, whatever the moment holds, with hands wide open. I enjoy the people I meet. I love deeply whomever I am with; with my hands wide open and without holding. I believe what is most important about "loving consciously, conscientiously, concretely and constructively" is that we each do this however works best for us & that it is a work in progress. I hope this makes sense.

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    On Oct 13, 2013 Amy wrote:

     Amen Kristin!

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    On Oct 14, 2013 Petro wrote:

    To me, I share all the love that is within me .. and I am Infinite Love, it is within me, around me, it is me.  My soul is love, and all I have to do is to fill my soul up to the brim, daily.  I get my supply from God, Himself, and then it starts to flow out of me and fills all the spaces and people around me ...  If you have a short of supply .. just go looking for God,  seek and ye shall find ... He will give you infinite supply of love and you will start to overflow .. and your life will change from mediocre to miraculous ... Try it, it works for me ...Sending you all lots of love and blessings ...

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    On Oct 14, 2013 Jenny L wrote:

    Thank you Petro. 

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    On Oct 16, 2013 Debra wrote:

    I've admired her work for more than 40 years. Marge Piercy is a profound writer and thinker! 

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    On Oct 26, 2013 mahesh mehra wrote:

     for me it means be thankful to GODforevery thing and love without expectation from others

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