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    On Sep 27, 2013 d wrote:

     Sharing: I live on Long Island New York and I commute to work  5 days a week on the Long Island railroad. Last year I began a yoga practice @ a beautifully serene yoga studio. There, the yogi, Dharma Mittra introduced me to many new ways of meditating. My very first class had produced  a treasure I never could have imagined. In that class I learned a chant called namah shivaya. It stirred something immensely deep within me.the tune the melody even the sounds of the syllables and words they produced something Within me  which quite frankly is not possible to express with words. It must be experienced. The next morning on my commute to
    Work on the  train I
    googled this soul stirring chant Namah Shivaya.what happened
    is miiraculous. As I glanced up from my phone where I had been engrossed in reading 
    a website that beautifully explained  the meaning and purpose of Namah Shivaya. There was a man standing in the aisle of the crowded car . 
    our eyes met , it was as if we connected soul to soul-  At the end of the ride when everyone was moving up the aisle to depart the train. The man spontaneously sat down next to me and we immediately leaned towards one another cheek to cheek as he gently whispered in my ear " I  love you" I am sure by now my eyes were full with tears( of joy) as he then got up and continued on his way..
    Later i wrote down the experience so I should never forget.  I titled it" I met God today"  we were both meditating Ike Christ that day..)
    forever grateful for Dharma ji 

    .what words can do is somehow help us connect through sharing our experiences.

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    On Sep 27, 2013 A wrote:

     From my sacred heart to your sacred heart, today, " I love You"!

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    On Sep 27, 2013 : D wrote:

    ;  D

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