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    On Sep 17, 2013 meg wrote:

     Jesus Christ Is Love... when we cling to Him we will learn to love like Him and be like Him.

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    On Sep 17, 2013 Rebekah wrote:

     I lost myself in love for God, others and myself when I accepted Jesus. I am only able to maintain that gift of peace and love, and the power to give it to others,  through conscious and purposeful contact with Him each morning. I have been a believer all my life, and have always heard other people say that visiting with the Lord and reading His Word every morning was the key to His power and love. It always sounded like a good idea, but I just did not form this habit, praying sporadically, although daily. I am now 55, and as a result of an illness that prevented me from working I began to read my Bible and listen and talk to Jesus every morning first thing before the day takes off, two years ago. I can honestly say that this IS the secret to wisdom and His power and love in life. In the past two years of this habit, I have grown as a person exponentially more than in all of the other years I've been alive. Try it for yourself and see.
    Just do it. Don't miss a day. Watch what happens....people will begin to ask you what is different in your life, why you are happy and content in the middle of any circumstance... then you can explain your secret to them. That, to me is what being a Christian is: no judgment or coersion, just the truth that is your reality, which can also be theirs. He is real and alive and you can prove it by His power in your life. That is what a real "witness" is.
    Jesus said "I am the vine (root) and you are the branches, apart from Me you can do nothing."

    There is a book that is one of my favorites that is a very small book and very simple, which explains this concept very beautifully. I recommend it to everyone: "Secrets of the Vine"  by Bruce Wilkinson.
     "We love because He first loved us-"

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    On Sep 17, 2013 amy wrote:

     Now I can go to sleep.  THIS is the truth, Rebekah!  
    Always tucked in Him,

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    On Sep 18, 2013 meg wrote:

     Very nice.. May I suggest you, you may be doing it already, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.. then the habit that you talk about will become a need... of Him. God Bless.

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    On Sep 18, 2013 Rajeev wrote:

    Thank you Rebekah...wish all my friends in here knew Jesus Christ like you do!

    In Christ,

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    On Sep 24, 2013 Louie wrote:

    This  is beautiful...alnost all that is written in here.  I am 81, 50 years Catholic priest , 52 years a bearer of Franciscan vows....It is all about Jesus, but that has expanded into a universal presence--the expansion grows daily and is delightful !  I hope I can keep in touch.....


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    On Sep 24, 2013 Sam wrote:

    That's it Louie- absolutely right on dot, you are !
    It IS expanding, ever & always.
    And, the amazing thing is that we elders HAVE witnessed this phenomenon,kept in touch with the loop and enjoyed !

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    On Sep 24, 2013 meg wrote:

     Congratulations Fr. Louie! 50 years of priesthood, what a Blessing!!

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    On Sep 26, 2013 david doane wrote:

     Louie -- I'm not sure what you mean by "It's all about Jesus."  Perhaps you mean your life is all about Jesus or a person's life is to be all about Jesus.  If that is what you're saying, I don't know what you mean by that.  What I believe is very important is that my life and a Christian's life is to be the way Jesus lived and the way of life he taught.  Your brother, Richard Rohr, pointed out that no where in scripture does Jesus say 'worship me,' and many times in scripture Jesus says follow me.  And Deepak Chopra said if someone is pointing at a new way, pay attention to the way and don't worship his finger.  I definitely do a poor job of it, but I think I and Christians are to live the way that Jesus professed, which I think is a very difficult way to really be committed to and live -- after all, a person could get crucified living that way -- so what we do instead is worship Jesus which is much much easier.  That your "all about Jesus" has expanded into a universal presence that grows daily and is delightful sure seems to support what you have done and sounds wonderful to me.  I hope you do keep in touch. 

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