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    On Sep 17, 2013 Jakkula David wrote:

    What had Maharaj-ji advised to meditate like Christ means to follow Christ teachings. Jesus Christ  birth is different from worldly birth like others.His birth enabling us to changing the history.His life style , his teachings,his miracles,wisdom, suffering, insults and crucifixion was different during  his life in this world. He was fully human and fully God. He demonstrated his Love towards human being by shading his blood to redeem the sin of human being and died on the cross.  He did not lived for himself but for other human being.  He established forgiveness  on the cross. He had forgiven the people that were abused him and beaten him.His death on the cross, he was put in the tomb on the third day he rose again. The empty tomb is wittiness that He his living God. Those  who follow him certainly  he will stay in their heart  that they illuminate his light and love for others. He himself is love.of agape.his nature is love and his action is love. when we receive Christ into our heart, he lives in us for enabling us to sustain, his unchanging love for demonstrate his love through our lives in  action.  YES It is possible to sustain unchanging LOVE if, we receive Jesus  Christ into our heart and take our cross & follow  his commandments and allow him to rule you. More information to understand The Holy  Bible

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