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    On Sep 14, 2013 david doane wrote:

     Meditating like Christ means to me what Maharaj-ji said about Christ, that "he lost himself in love...he was one with all beings.  He loved everyone, even the people that crucified him.  He never died.  He is the atman.  He lives in the hearts of all.  He lost himself in love."  That is beautiful and I certainly can not say it better or as well.  Nor do I live it except for occasional moments, I am sad to say.  We can sustain an unchanging love by detaching from all form and form concerns, and purely be.  I have had some experiences of being lost in love, most of them very brief.  An outstanding one for me was a time when I was in a psychotherapy encounter group in which I was lost (and found) in present being/relating/communion, and I was lost in love, touched by the love and the moment that was being facilitated by a leader who was lost and found in being/relating/love.  It was a beautiful experience.  Bringing some of that into more of my ongoing living has been difficult, and the experience I described has lived in my heart and been a guiding light.

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