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    On Sep 13, 2013 jon madian wrote:

     What's most meaningful, beautiful, and scary to me is the tear. Itt unites transcendence with empathy, cosmic love with individual suffering, bliss with grief. What a beautiful expression. 

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    On Sep 17, 2013 Sury Shoney wrote:

     Beautifully said.

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    On Sep 17, 2013 Lfm wrote:

     Just reading, brings a tear of recognition.  Thank you for sharing.

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    On Sep 18, 2013 Lakshmi wrote:

     I totally agree. Transcendence and LOVE is the key to existence !

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    On Sep 18, 2013 Tamilyn wrote:

     I love your name! :)

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    On Sep 21, 2013 D wrote:

     tears also are often misunderstood. tears come form immense joy which is the same as pure love

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    On Sep 21, 2013 Jon Madian wrote:

     agreed; it amazes me how tears emerge in great moments of deepest, most caring joy.

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    On Sep 22, 2013 Sam wrote:

     Quite true ! the amazing thing is these tears of joy are sweet as against salt-filled in tears of sadness. Moreover, it appears that tears of happiness, when flowing out of selfless love, flow from the right corner of the right eye and the left corner of the left eye : how specific could emotion get ! Love is more powerful than a canon yet silky smooth when it envelops us.

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    On Sep 22, 2013 aj wrote:

     Oh the depth of a "tear"!  All the more reason to meditate like Christ!  NOTHING (NO ONE) simple!  In meditation and study, wisdom gained.  Thank you, Sam!    

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