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    On Sep 10, 2013 Julie Caldwell wrote:

     I love so deeply, and appreciate the interdependency of this world.  How could anyone ever believe we are alone?  And, true freedom is the ability to feel fully and truely see the mistaken identities of addiction (hatred or desire or the manifestation of the these two extremes) in a way that allows us to be fully engaged in this ever changing world without forgetting to acknowledge the mistaken identities that rob us from our true selves.

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    On Sep 10, 2013 Sandra wrote:

     What a delightful arrangements of words from Anthony de Mello.  Words are like musical scores.  There are only so many words one can use but the possibilities of the melodies never stop surprising me.  It's like most music arrangements, some resonate well and fill your soul, others are dissonant to our readiness or lack of readiness to hear the underscore of the music. or the song it sings.

     Anthony's sharing of words or his arrangement of words resonates well with me at this time and I feel that I can hum along, the music or words are familiar and the arrangement pleases my soul.  It is another way of using the Buddha;s teaching 'No Avoidance, No Craving'.  Have the full experience just do not set up expectations or it will feed your addiction of your dependency on the action or reaction of others to make you feel 'full' for the moment.  The moment is temporary and it will rear its hungry head and you will crave more.  More approval, more recognition, all the what if's creep back in needing another fix. 

    When I recognize what is happening I remember the words of Teihard de Chardin.  "We are all spiritual beings here having a human experience."   So I choose or not choose to have the full experience of exploring my humanness. Slowly, ever so slowly over the decades I am liberating myself of the expectations. And then my personality, humanness creeps back in and I allow the emotional embroilment to grasp and hold me for a while until I step back and simply enjoy the moment.

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