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    On Aug 30, 2013 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     We plant seeds with every Word and every Action that we take. Our Words have power to make a positive or negative impact, it is up to each one of us to choose wisely; it is helpful, is it the truth, is it kind and compassionate? We can plant seeds of hope with our words and spread the hope with our Actions. We can share our truth, standing up for what we believe in. Even seemingly small actions such as a smile or a hug can make a big impact. Last week I shared Free Hugs at the March on Washington; there's a lot of healing that needs to take place and a Hug seemed like the place to start. It was incredibly powerful, hugs were shared with hundreds of that afternoon as we waded through a sea of people intent on sharing a message of Hope and Healing. It was an important reminder of how a simple action; a Hug can connect us together, planting a seed of caring and compassion. My own heart felt like it might burst from all the love shared that day. The most powerful moment was when an African American boy of perhaps 8 said, "we hugged, now we're friends right?" He took my hand leading me up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where we had our picture taken by his Mother. Powerful; a black boy & a white woman embracing in front of Abraham Lincoln, I believe he would have been proud. Hug from my heart to yours. Let us all plant seeds of kindness and compassion.

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    On Sep 3, 2013 Mary Savoy-Baucum wrote:

     I read each comment with joy in my heart from so many insightful and reflective suggestions and recommendations and I am in awe of the connection between each one.  Giving hugs and have compassion in our hearts for our fellow man is great, but it is my belief that honoring the seed through the generations must start at home with the time-honored teachings of morals, values, family and integrity.  We must plant the seeds in our children, grandchildren and other little ones who we come in contact with through our church, job, recreation, neighborhood events, etc., and we must exhibit the type of behavior that speaks to our live and action performed in front of children.  We must speak with love and being careful of what we say and how we say it and to whom we say it.  During my upbringing, my mother said: "children should be seen and not heard."  What she meant by this was that children have their place and adults have their place and the two should not mix when not necessary because of the words and behavior that could and may be exhibited by adults would not appropriate for children.  However, she also said that children are a gift from God to be raised in love and respect and honoring the one true creator of life; older adults should be respected; children should be respected, and that all our fellow human beings are put on the earth for a reason.  Honoring the seed is also honoring everyone point of view even when it does agree with yours; honoring ones values, even when they do not agree with yours; honoring one choices in life, even when they do not agree with yours, and honoring individuals because they are all a gift from God.  We are all fearfully and wonderfully made and we should all honor the seed in our own way through words, speech and action. 

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    On Sep 4, 2013 Tanja wrote:

    For me, being mindful of the seeds of my thoughts and words must begin in meditation, in contemplating the fruits of what I thought and said and did today, in my daily sittings. From here, slowly but steadily, I hope to learn how to cultivate more carefully the seeds of a larger future.

    For a faithless gardener like me who struggles to believe even in the seeds I plant in the beginning of spring, in a pleasant climate with adequate food and nutrition (and to be sure, plenty of support from the garden centre), it is indeed a challenge to truly have faith that I can be a wise custodian of the seeds I plant for seven generations hence.

    What a useful, mind blowing way to consider thoughts, words and deeds - thank you and in gratitude for creating this opportunity to be in conversation about this.

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