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    On Sep 23, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     I love reading Aaln Watts. This writing evokes many wonderful memories of listening to his talks. As I understand we have two levels of consciousness-superficial and closed and deep and open. We are so much used to the first level of conscioubness that we miss the inner landscape with muddy and clear waters, all manner of things fantastic and terrible. When we let the free flow of thought letting whatever come up and go, we are able to feel that no aspect of life is strange to us. To quote the Roman playwright Terance," Nothing human alien is alien to me." And when we let the waters settle down, we relate to the changing world with growing clarity and see the foundation of life. Then the world mirrors the soul and the soul mirrors the world- a state of mental clarity. Practicing Mindfulness meditation has been helping me to see the inner landscape and the outer landscape clearly.
    When i pay my full attention to watch a child working with me, I see the display of many emotions in her face coming and going. Since I am not judging the display of her emotions, they come and go and the face of the child shows its child -ike transparency. It gets clearly reflected in my eyes. Here the world mirrors the soul and the soul mirrors the world. I love and cherish such expereinces. As we gorw older, we seem to lose this great gift of being our authentic self. In therapy I see my clients slowly and gradually removing the veil to hide thier authentic face. Such expereinces also help me to develop the feeling" There but for the Grace of God go I

    May we cultivate relationships with us and others to enable us to reflect our soul in our eyes and in the eyes of each other!
    Jagdsih P Dave

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