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    On Aug 26, 2013 Dave Murray wrote:

     The goal of meditation is to meditate. There is no end to meditate toward or for, but the goal is an ongoing flow akin to being in a flowing river but not aware or sensing being wet but being in the flow, in the current. This awareness is not something one works toward; the awareness arises from within and emerges outward as I let go of awareness. It may be more related to a concurrence where I am in agreement or harmony or equanimity with the flow or current of life about me. I experienced it significantly once as I sat in my car listening to a musical piece. I paused as I was to go and purchase lunch. In my pause I saw/heard/felt the wind blowing the trees in front of me; I saw a hawk swoop to attempt to capture a squirrel; and I was aware of my mother-in-law who was dying at that time. I was aware of being in the flow of life changing, living and dying, and felt a deepened sense of awe, a loving awe, arise. I felt that awe again while standing on a ledge in the Badlands and becoming aware of the magnificence of the Master Craftsman who created this environment using volcano, rain, wind, heat, revolution and millions of years to etch the land on this tiny orb hurling through the infinite universe. Even as I allowed my thoughts to progress on what was happening in my backyard from the grass growing to the ants, spiders, flies, roots, moisture, worms, and all being their perfect selves in living as they are...I became aware of the life flowing through my veins, lungs, nerves all uncontrolled or directed or even considered by me yet empowering me to enter into that being awareness. I am saddened that I cannot sustain that sense all through my days, my conversations, and my activities as I know it would create life in ways I cannot imagine.

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    On Aug 26, 2013 a wrote:

     This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I WILL be re-reading!   
    Thank you, Dave!  

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