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    On Sep 21, 2018 Rajesh wrote:

    For many years now, I have experiemented with watching the mind. A few things stand out for me.

    - It's a scary thing to do and to discover the "denizens of the deep". Which is perhaps why many of us (unconsciously) refuse to take on this adventure.
    - You begin to see more and more of human folly in yourself. Allows you to be more emphatetic and understanding of what one sees in oneself and in the world "out there".
    - Its a very fruitful and interesting endeavour. Just like a diver in the deep ocean discovers all sorts of beautiful things, a diver of the psyche gets insight into all sorts of psychological and spiritual phenomena. Feels like a very rich experience, though one can barely articulate it to someone not aquatinted with this kind of inquiry. 
    - I feel very grateful for having this opportunity in this lifetime. 

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    On Sep 25, 2018 Clive wrote:

     When one watches the mind, it is impossible, it seems to me, not to come upon the question "what, or who, is the watcher?".  And the growing realisation that the watcher is not different from the watched is the realisation that ..... transforms (if I can use that word), everything.

    The very labels that we use to describe or delineate what is seen in the watching - like scary, folly, beautiful, rich .... good, bad, etc, all all projections of the watcher,

    And in this realisation that the watcher is the watched it is seen that the mind is changing all the time. So I AM changing all the time. There are no fixed points. Yes, watching the mind is indeed  interesting, fascinating - and life changing.

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