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    On Aug 21, 2013 MVRAO wrote:

     The passage is really excellent. It has described so clearly how ultimately one can achieve Awareness  returning to its non-state of absolute unmanifest potential, the silent abyss beyond all knowing. Each individual is unique, incomparable and indefinable. Also people have different levels of energy, capacity and inclinations and cannot be expected to practice the discipline in equal strength. In addition the degrees or levels and stages of spiritual insight and attainment also matters. The spiritual path has novices, beginners, newcomers and learners as well as those who have more experience and understanding – seasoned in their journey. There are also a number of diverse pathways to the Divine, indeed, each person’s path is unique. Hence the understanding and absorption of the passage also varies depending on the individuals.
    Generally people come to the meditative life and practices seeking solutions to so many different problems. Want a variety of things from meditation. Some come for peace others for self control, some for physical fitness, stress management, solutions to the emotional problems or the problems of the family and social relationships, to gain power, etc., only few will be interested in the highest aim of silence and stillness called “SAMADHI” for attaining transcendental realization – the truth - the knowledge of pure self.
    As per the Raja Yoga there are three stages of meditation. The first is DHARANA - concentrating the mind upon the object…but the mind is wavering. When it has become strong and does not waver so much, It is called DHYANA (Meditation). And then there is a still higher state called SAMADHI (when the differentiation between the object and my-self is lost) or absorption. If the mind can be fixed on the object of their meditation for twelve seconds it is called DHARANA, twelve such Dharanas (ie.144 seconds) will be Dhyana, and twelve such Dhyanas will be a ASAMPRAJANATA SAMADHI. To accomplish this takes many years of study and relentless practice.
     SUPREME REALITY: To us it is clear BRAHMAN means REALITY which grows, breaths or swells. "That from which these beings are born, that in which when born they live, that in to which they enter at their death - that is “BRAHMAN". – SAT(Pure existence) – CHIT (pure awareness/consciousness) - ANANDA (delight/ Bliss) - THE ULTIMATE END. The highest BRAHMAN which is ANANDA OR DELIGHT is just ATHMAN AS REALISED IN THE FOUTH STATE or the TURIYA state. There the object and subject are one (the knower, the known and the knowledge become one.) the SEER seeing eye and the object seen merge together in one whole. Here the philosophical quest ends or terminates-The suggestion being that there is nothing higher than ANANDA.

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