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    On Aug 20, 2013 Rajnikant wrote:

     Excellent article. Awareness is the key aspect especially who is aware of what. Based on Holistic science i.e. Vitrag Vignan one needs to know who am I from a Gyani Purush and then this awareness becomes really meaningful. The seer and knower needs to be separate from the function of the body. Really one is in a meditative state all the time in the thought process in any of the four ways. 1. Arta  Dhyan - Painful to one self i.e. worrying, feeling sorry, etc..2.  Raudra Dhyan - when you think of snatching happiness of others by hurting their egos thru anger, pride, maya & deceit, greed. 3. Dharma Dhyan - state of peace & tranquility in all situation. 4. Shukla dhyan - to be conscious that "I am the Pure Soul". These 4 states are the binding karmas for the next life. Any other meditation done is by the body itself and the results in gain in body functions in the present life which is definately useful but  NOT for  the ultimate goal of life of liberation.

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    On Aug 20, 2013 Prakash wrote:

     Dear Rajanikant, Greetings!

    Dear Divine Brother,
    The very first sentence or the title of this small essay - 'True Meditation Has No Direction or Goal' from Adyashanti disturbs me.
    If no goal then why should we do that effort and waste our time and energy (mental energy)?
    And if no direction, no method, no knowledge where this piece leads you to? - the silent abyss beyond all knowing. - Isn't that the aim of author's efforts?
    In Raj-yoga meditation has a specific direction and aim. It is based on Mind & Intellect, two powers of soul. Mind is a creative faculty of the soul. It creates thoughts, if there is no control on mind, it will create thoughts aimlessly. You may be sitting in front of God or deity or in temple, church or Gurudwara and it (Mind) can wander in any direction. Letting it lose can pollute the atmosphere sooner or later as people are under the influence of negativity.
    Intellect is like compass and can monitor, focus and concentrate the direction of thoughts towards the aim. So, in meditation aim and direction is essential if you want to attain some tangible results. Otherwise you will enjoy interrupted silence and at the end of meditation you will conclude how peaceful I passed the time!
    'Passing the time' is not the aim of meditation. Collection of pieces of interrupted silence & Peace amongst different voices in mind is not an idea of meditation. Meditation should give us (inner) power to withstand any pressure of life, develop virtues like power of peace, purity, love etc. leave us enlightened and in the state of bliss (Sat-chit-anand swarup). It should develop the intuitive energy. It should give us an experience of very deep state of silence.
    Otherwise what is the idea of doing True (sat!) meditation?
    Think over it.

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    On Aug 20, 2013 Rajnikant wrote:

     Dear Divine brother Prakash,

    After all  the 4 yogas, what does Ved say? "This in not it, this is not it, this is not". Krishna Bhagwan says "Go to a Gyani" and he will show you sat-sit-anand. All the physical work done thru body will benefit the body and not the chetan by virtue of the process. 

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